How To Get Your Music On Spotify

How to get your music on Spotify.

We show you how to do it. It is a lot simpler than you may think.

Your music is of top quality and now it’s time to get it out to the world?

Sounds great! Time to get it on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play & co.

But how do you do that?

Well, that’s a question we hear a lot.

We see a lot aspiring musicians struggle with this topic, and we understand that it seems pretty confusing and hard to do at first.

But trust me, it is a lot simpler than you may expect it to be.

In order to keep it clean we will focus on one platform in this post:


It is important to know, that you don’t need to be signed to a label to get your music on Spotify. If you are signed to one, the label is usually able to submit your music to Spotify. To get your music on Spotify, you only have to ask your label or distributor to make your music available on it.

Alright, let’s see how you get your music on Spotify.

    Choose an aggregator.

    Spotify has deals in place with many companies who can deliver your music to Spotify.

    Those companies are called aggregators. What they do is basically to handle the licensing and distribution of your music, aswell as administering the royalty payments that accrue from the streams of your music on Spotify.

    These companies usually receive a small fee or a percentage cut from you for their services.

    The following artist aggregators are suggested on Spotify’s website:

    Here are the label aggregators suggestions:

    Besides the suggestions on Spotify’s website, there are a few more services that are worth to check out:

    DistroKid, Ditto Music, Symphonic Distribution & Loudr.

    Take your time to choose an aggregator that fits the best to your needs.

    Some of them have annual fees, some monthly ones and others pay per album/single plans. Some don’t take a percentage of your royalties, others do. So check out their websites and learn how each of them works.

    While the specifics of the different services can vary, they all got (at least) one thing in common:

    They will deliver your music to Spotify.

    Where, upon approval, it will be available for millions to listen to.

    Basically that’s the whole process of getting your music on Spotify.

    I told you it is way simpler than you may expect it to be.

    Choose an aggregator sign up to it get your music delivered to Spotify wait a few hours (or days, depending on the service) listen to your own music on Spotify.

    Get verified on Spotify. Get the blue tick

    I know this post is about getting your music on Spotify, so just see this as a little bonus.

    To get your artist profile verified you have to have 2 things.

    • A Spotify profile
    • At least 250 followers (on Spotify)

    If you don’t have a Spotify profile, you can set one up for free here.
    If your follow count is 250 or more, you can request a verification here.

    Well, that’s it.

    I hope this post was helpful for you, and cleared some of the misperceptions that getting on Spotify is a difficult process. Because it really is not too difficult.

    Ok, enough talking, time to get your music out there!